When Can I apply for Healthcare Coverage?

You can apply when you become eligible for the first time, during Open Enrollment or if you have a Qualifying Life Event.

Initial Eligibility Period

When you become eligible for the first time, information on healthcare coverage and how to apply will then be sent to you. You must complete and submit your Health Benefits Application within 60 days from when initial eligibility was met. The next opportunity for you to apply is Open Enrollment or a QLE Special Enrollment Period.

When coverage begins is based on the date your completed application is received.
It takes approximately 2 weeks to process your application and coverage can only begin on the first day of a month. It is recommended that you submit your completed application prior to the 15th so your coverage can begin on the first day of the following month.

For example, if your completed application is received:

  • By March 15: Coverage will begin April 1.
  • Between March 16 – March 31: Coverage will begin May 1.

Open Enrollment: July 1-20

Open Enrollment is your yearly chance to apply or make changes to your coverage. July 20 is your deadline to apply for healthcare coverage or make changes if you are already enrolled. Changes include changing your dental plan or adding Coverage for Kids.

Coverage will begin August 1 of that year.

Qualifying Life Event (QLE)
30-Day Special Enrollment Period

A Qualifying Life Event is a change in your life situation that can make you eligible for a Special Enrollment period. Examples of life events include adopting a baby, losing other healthcare coverage or getting a divorce. The easiest way to submit a QLE is using your online account, and QLEs must be submitted within 30 days of your event.

Life events that may qualify you for a QLE Special Enrollment Period:

  • Legal separation.
  • Divorce.
  • Death.
  • Termination of employment (losing your job).
  • Reduction in your or your spouse’s hours of employment with a non-participating SEIU Healthcare NW Health Benefits Trust employer, causing you to lose other coverage.
  • No longer living in a coverage area;
  • Cessation of dependent status.
  • The plan no longer offers benefits to the class of similarly situated individuals.
  • Exhaustion of COBRA
  • Failure to meet eligibility criteria for CHIP or Medicaid.
  • Termination of employer contributions for employee’s or dependent’s other coverage (whether or not coverage is lost).
  • Employees or dependents become eligible to receive premium assistance under CHIP or Medicaid programs.
  • You get married to a new spouse or get a new dependent (child), through marriage, birth, adoption or placement for adoption.

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Caregiver Learning Center System Maintenance

June 6 (Thursday) – June 10 (Monday)

You can log in, enroll and take your training in the Caregiver Learning Center during this time. 

If you complete training during the System Maintenance, it will be sent to your employer after June 10. 

Please contact your employer if you have questions about your training requirement, deadline or payment.