CE courses build on knowledge gained in Basic Training, providing more specialized skills for situations you may face when supporting clients.

Personalized Training

Online courses offer diverse subjects, from overviews to in-depth explorations on specific topics that are relevant to you and your client.


CE courses are available in-person and online, letting you learn at your own speed and whenever it is convenient for you.

Continuing Education courses are available in these formats:

Online: Available any time to take on your schedule.
Webinar: Scheduled, instructor-led, online courses you take from home.
In-Person: Scheduled on-site, instructor-led training courses.

Log in to the Caregiver Learning Center to see all the Continuing Education courses available to you. You can’t get credit for a course you have previously completed, so it is important to enroll in courses you have not taken before.

Online Continuing Education Spotlight

This class focuses on the importance of body and skin care and the HCAs role in promoting healthy skin. The class will include a review of infection control and body mechanics.

CE credit: 3 hours

Course format: Webinar

This class focuses on understanding what compassion fatigue is and how it can impact the care of the client. The class includes signs and symptoms and prevention techniques.

CE credit: 3 hours

Course format: Webinar

This class focuses on ensuring HCAs maintain a client’s comfort in their own home by providing culturally sensitive home care. The class includes guidelines for demonstrating cultural sensitivity.

CE credit: 3 hours

Course format: Webinar

This class focuses on communication skills HCAs can use to confidently and professionally interact with clients. This class includes guidelines for meeting clients for the first time and communicating professional boundaries.

CE credit: 3 hours

Course format: Webinar

This course covers practical cognitive tools and skills caregivers can integrate into their daily activities to increase mindfulness, i.e. increase their awareness of their environment, body, behaviors, and internal thoughts and emotions. This increased awareness helps caregivers better cope with stress and anxiety, more effectively manage intense situations, and improve their efficacy as caregivers. Learn more.

CE credit: 6 hours

Course format: Webinar

Learning Library

Grow professionally! Caregivers without a CE requirement can continue to access learning benefits by taking free online CE courses in the Learning Library.  

Log in to the Caregiver Learning Center to see all courses available to you. Courses are available in English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Important: You will not get paid for CE courses taken in 2024. If you take courses January 1, 2025 or later, you can get paid for up to 12 hours of CE credit.*

*For any questions about getting paid for CE, training requirements or maintaining Standard HCA status, please contact your employer. 

You can take CEs in the Learning Library if you are one of the following types of caregivers:

  • Parent Individual Provider (DDA)   
  • Limited-Service Providers (LSP)  
  • Respite Providers  
  • Family Providers 

If eligible, you can take CEs to maintain your HCA certification. Please contact your employer for more information. 

You can take CEs online for free in the Learning Library. You will not be paid for any CEs you take during this time.*

This is a great time to log into the Caregiver Learning Center (especially if it’s your first time!) and become familiar with your online learning platform.

You can get paid for up to 12 hours of CE credits for any courses you take on or after January 1, 2025. If you previously were a Standard HCA, you will also be able to take CEs to keep your HCA certification.*

Right now, you have access to 13 online CE courses in the Learning Library. Another 14 courses will be made available in 2025.  

Current available courses are:  

  • Alcohol Misuse 
  • Assertive Communication 
  • Introduction to Dementia 
  • Introduction to Rheumatoid Arthritis 
  • Masks and N95 Respirators 
  • Pet Safety in A Client’s Home 
  • Schizophrenia 
  • Stroke 
  • Substance Misuse 
  • Supporting a Client using Telehealth Services 
  • Supporting a Client with Dementia 
  • Supporting a Client With Rheumatoid Arthritis 
  • Vicarious Trauma 

Courses are currently available in English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.  

Get Started in the Caregiver Learning Center

  • View your current training requirements.
  • Explore available Continuing Education courses.
  • Enroll in CE Courses.
  • Complete online courses in multiple languages.

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Caregiver Learning Center System Maintenance

June 6 (Thursday) – June 10 (Monday)

You can log in, enroll and take your training in the Caregiver Learning Center during this time. 

If you complete training during the System Maintenance, it will be sent to your employer after June 10. 

Please contact your employer if you have questions about your training requirement, deadline or payment.