4 Ways to Reach Your Physical Wellness Goals

As a caregiver with healthcare coverage through SEIU 775 Benefits Group, you have access to many benefits to help reach your health and wellness goals. If your children are enrolled in your coverage, they can also access many of these benefits!

Whether you’re seeking to increase your movement or fitness level, change your routine or reduce stress, your coverage includes wellness coaching, physical therapy, fitness deals and lifestyle tips for little-to-no cost.


Kaiser Permanente (KPWA or KPNW) coverage includes the following benefits:

  1. Wellness coaching: Individualized support from a dedicated coach to set goals, stick to them and see results, all from the comfort of home. Your children also have access to wellness coaching. Learn more.
  2. Fitness deals: Reduced rates on specialized studios, gyms, fitness gear and online classes. Learn more.
  3. Physical therapy: Physical therapy benefits and free access to MedBridge, a digital program that helps you stay on track with your exercise program. Learn more.
  4. Healthy living resources: Lifestyle tips and recipes from Kaiser’s online health and wellness guide to incorporate into your routine. Learn more.


Aetna coverage includes the following benefits:

  1. Wellness coaching:
    • Simple Steps to A Healthier Life, an online health coaching program for all ages.
      • You can choose the area of health you’d like to focus on, including weight management, eating healthy and reducing stress.
      • Log into your member website and complete a health assessment to get started.
    • The AbleTo Program, a personalized 8-week program led by your care team to reduce depression, stress and anxiety.
  2. Fitness deals: Reduced rates on gym memberships, coaching and fitness programs. Access by logging in to your member website.
  3. Physical therapy: Access to Hinge Health, a free digital program to get personalized physical therapy from your phone. Learn more.
  4. Healthy living resources: Aetna provides healthy living and eating tips on their online health guide. Learn more.

Your healthcare coverage is a great place to start if you’re focused on getting and staying physically healthy. Make the most of your plan by checking out the benefits available to you and signing up for a few!

If you don’t have coverage yet, your opportunity is coming up! Open Enrollment is July 1-20 each year, and your chance to enroll in high-quality, affordable medical and dental coverage. Learn more about healthcare coverage and Open Enrollment here.

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Caregiver Learning Center System Maintenance

June 6 (Thursday) – June 10 (Monday)

You can log in, enroll and take your training in the Caregiver Learning Center during this time. 

If you complete training during the System Maintenance, it will be sent to your employer after June 10. 

Please contact your employer if you have questions about your training requirement, deadline or payment.